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Thank you for using the online loan application tool, DealStream. DealStream enables us to learn more about your economic development project and your need for financial assistance. Loan requests are reviewed and analyzed based on the information provided. Funding decisions are not guaranteed and are based on reviewers' judgment. Before you get started, please take a moment to understand how the system works. You may want to print this screen and refer to this information during the loan application process.

Step 1 - Create Account - You will create an account by entering your contact information. We will be able to communicate with you the status of your loan application.

Step 2 - Initial Information - This step helps define who you are and what type of funding you need. DealStream assigns you a dedicated project manager based on your location response. If you have not made a project location decision, you will be directed to resources that can help you with this response.

Step 3 - Submit - This submits your initial information and takes you to your personalized screen enabling you can track the progress of your submittal. Your project manager will contact you to discuss the next steps of the application process.

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